Friday, November 9, 2012

'Sam on Red Chair' pastel pet portrait

'Sam on Red Chair'                             11.5 x 27.5 
'Sam on Red Chair' joins 'Pumpkin', posted below, in the series Cats on Chairs.  Theses are so much fun to paint!  Cats are naturals models, so I have plenty of photos to choose from.  How about an original painting of your special pet?  Original art makes a wonderful gift. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

'Pumpkin' pastel pet portrait

                                                  'Pumpkin'                                    8x10      

I am definitely a cat person, so I'm working on a series of cat paintings for the Open Studio Tour of Artists of Northwest Atlanta November 3.   About 25 artists are opening their studios for you to visit and see where they work.  It's free, and you can go to as many studios as you like.  For more information, go to  5% of sales will benefit local animal shelters.  Deb Cook and Barbara Kincaid will join me at my home studio.  I hope you will, too.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

'Magnolia' pastel painting

                               'Magnolia'                                  8x8

Who doesn't love the scent of a magnolia?  It is the flower of my home state, Mississippi, so it brings many fond memories to mind.  In this painting I wanted to show the subtle, soft shadows in the whitish bloom against the dark, colorful leaves. The  impression of a white flower was accomplished using the lightest values of pink, blue, green, yellow and lavender.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Children's Casual Portraits in Pastel

'Cooper               11x14                sold

I have always been attracted to drawing and painting people, not in a classical portrait style, but in a casual pose that depicts the person's personality and lifestyle.  There are paintings of people throughout the blog, but today I am highlighting 3 of my commissions.  If you are interested in a commission, please email me at

'Bennett'            11x14                 sold
'Beach Babes'                   11x14                     sold 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

'Teddy' King Charles spaniel pet portrait

                                            ''Teddy'                   9x12                        sold   

Teddy is a beautiful, sweet King Charles spaniel who won me over the first time I saw him.
Many different blues, greens, purples, oranges and pinks make up the rich colors of his fur.

Monday, November 7, 2011

'An Apple A Day' pastel painting

'An Apple A Day'          5x7            sold
This painting was submitted with the recipe Upside Down Apple French Toast for a cookbook by pastel artists. The author and artist, Karen Margulis, will have the cookbook ready soon. I'll let you know when it is published in case you want to order one.
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'That's so Raven' pastel painting

The simplicity of this painting speaks
to me.  I used my  darkest blues, greens,
purples, and reds to create the 'black' of
the raven. This painting is available at
Nest Home and Garden in Smyrna, GA.

Posted by Picasa'Thats so Raven'              8x10

'Maine Buoys' pastel painting

'Main Buoys'                    8x10      
Maine is one of my favorite places to vacation. The bright red buoys against the calm blue background was a picture waiting to be painted.
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'Cupcakes' pastel painting

'Cupcakes'      5x7     pastel      sold
Who wouldn't like a bite of these yummy cupcakes? The icing is white, but I used many colors to show the highlights and shadows. 
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'Bathtime' pastel painting

This painting captures an intimate moment
between mother and baby. The table behind
them is piled high with stuffed animals, but I
painted them out of focus to keep the focus
on the mother and child.
Posted by Picasa'Bathtime'        11x14          sold